Chinese New Year is just round the corner and this year, I have not managed to start baking. Last year, I managed to start baking in December and managed to bake pineapple tarts and almond florentines. This year, I’ll keep things simple and bake some pineapple tarts and almond cookies. CNY baking will start tomorrow with a good friend and I am pretty excited about it. Hopefully, I can squeeze in some time to bake some almond florentines. For now, I’ll need to use up 2kg of the pineapple pastes. I hope I did not bite off more than I can chew again.

I think I changed my mind, I may have time to bake just for my own stash.

  • Pineapple tarts
  • Almond cookies
  • Rose and cranberry pistachio cookies
  • Almond florentines

A tin each should be just manageable. I think….