I’m getting excited over a baking project I am doing with a good friend. Having researched and decided on this, it’s so pretty, I cannot. Of course, the end product will be very different from what I envision it to be, but I’m keeping every part of my body that can possibly be crossed that it’ll turn out pretty still, though not as pretty as what was researched. First up, I need to make creme fraiche, which is very expensive in the stores, so this was one recipe I chanced upon years ago and it served me well though there were some comments that creme fraiche cannot be done at home. Here’s the recipe I used.


  • 1 cup Whipping cream
  • 1 tbsp plain yogurt


  1. Stir in yogurt into the Whipping cream.
  2. Leave the mixture overnight.
  3. Store the thickened mixture in the fridge. It can keep up to 2 weeks.

I find that adding this to my cakes resulted in very moist cakes. For now, onwards to my baking project!! Weeeeeee…….