So what have I been up to this December?

Reading – Currently reading, A man called Ove, my sister and I felt that the man described in the book so reminds us of our father. It’s a story of a funny man who is so rigid, you want to intentionally ruffle his nerves by doing something out of his norm. I feel a little sad for him though, he is so lonely when the colour of his life left him – his wife died. 🙁 A good read. Finished reading ‘In order to live’ and I really enjoyed it. Have not read ‘Wonder’, but my sis said it’s an enjoyable read too.





Baking – Experimenting with a white cake, probably a vanilla sponge and working on floral decorations. Buttercream, chocolate and gum paste. Erm… I bought way too many tools to do gum paste flowers. Anyone wants to rent? Come to think of it, I think there should be a baking tools rental service. I can be one of the partners. ^.^


My first attempt at lilies.



Watching – Many Many baking shows and my current favourite would be the latest episodes of the Great British Bakeoff. I also found another potential channel of interest, BBC Earth, I mean BBC Earth? Me?! But yea, I found this channel quite interesting somehow, could be age?!