So I got interested in edible flowers in my quest to make pretty cakes and chocolate flowers are really difficult to master, so are fondant flowers. Buttercream flowers are a little more forgiving, but nothing beats the real deal. Fresh flowers are tricky because not many people sell them locally and those from the florists are mostly not food grade. I am wary about sticking fresh flowers into the cakes because for one, they may not be edible and even if they are, they may not be organic.

And so I researched and found somebody who sells edible flowers and at affordable prices too! Check out Weird & Wonderful Edibles . I did not get flower boxes from Joanna, the person behind this Instagram, but I jumped at the chance to go for her edible flowers workshop. I was struck by how young Joanna is and then by her passion to grow edible plants and flowers as well as her willingness to share her knowledge so generously.

It was an informative workshop where we learnt how to grow the flowers, in fact, not only flowers, herbs too and we had fun walking through her garden and bringing home any cut outs we want to try our hands on growing them. I took back cat’s whiskers (they’re so pretty, I want to use them as cake toppers), moringas, mulberries, tapioca leaves and a pod of King’s spinach too. I’m attempting to grow them, fingers crossed because I don’t really have green fingers. Roped the husband in with the hope to increase the survival rate for the plants. I’m also going to get a pot of torenias before Christmas because I love how tiny and pretty they are. So, hopefully, my edible garden will grow.

Cat’s Whiskers                              Mulberries                         Torenias                            Our calamasi drink with topper