A close friend’s birthday was round the corner and the plan was to bake a lemon cupcakes bouquet for her, coincidentally, a friend’s mother was also celebrating her birthday and so I baked one for her too. To cut the long story short, I only did one before going on a short vacation to Bali!

It was a short but fun trip. Love the villa and the day tour. Our guide for the day tour was a young lady who speaks really good English for someone who hasn’t travelled outside Bali before and she struck me as someone very down to earth, humble and appreciative of life and people. I can tell her warm personality rubs off on others because wherever she goes, other guides greet her warmly and she always has something nice to say to others. She takes good photographs too and that’s a bonus isn’t it? I wish and pray for the best for her and hope she will realise her dream of coming to work in Singapore someday because something tugs at my heart when she wistfully said it is her big dream to come to Singapore someday to visit or to work and it makes me thank God for having that freedom to travel outside of Singapore quite often.

Oh, I digressed too much. I used the lemon curd cupcakes recipe, minus the lemon curd because I was in a rush like that and used a video to help me have an idea of how to put the flowers together.

For the lemon cupcakes

Refer to link above.

For assembly

  • toothpicks
  • flower pot
  • Styrofoam ball


  1. Chill the assembled cupcakes in the fridge for about 30 minutes before assembly so that it is easier to handle the cupcakes.
  2. I piped cream cheese in rosettes, small stars for the hydrangea and added some sprinkles for details.
  3. For each cupcake, I used 2 toothpicks to secure them. I also baked the cupcakes in 2 sizes so that the bouquet is more interesting.
  4. Secure the cupcakes on the styrofoam ball using the toothpicks and viola, the bouquet is ready.

This recipe has butter, hence, it is best eaten, taken out of the fridge at least 30 minutes before consuming.