It’s already October? Time just zoomed past me or what?! My mind is whirling with things to try again and I need to get organised before I stock up more than what I can use up. Just 2 days ago, I couldn’t remember whether I bought a trio pack of lustre dust and I looked through the drawer and couldn’t find them. I remember staring at the trio pack, my mind doing a quick calculation of whether it is worth the buy, I mean, I may want to bake another unicorn cake or I may need to add some bling to my cake right? In the end, I couldn’t remember whether I resisted or succumbed. To the mini pot of edible gold leaves, I lost. The saving grace is probably the far away expiry date in 2028, in my friend’s words, ‘I’ll remind you if I’m still alive.’ True, who knows what might happen in 10 years. I made a mental note to start using them.

Here’s what’s in my whirling baking brain,

  1. Rooster 2-tier cake
  2. That 2 cheesecakes, milo and thai milk tea or original? I cannot decide…
  3. Pretty colour hair mousse cake for the niece
  4. Something to use my blue pea flowers?
  5. Something to use my gold leaf?

Oh! and I am planning to go for some soap decoration workshop, they’re so pretty, I cannot…..

Goodbye September and hello October.