There are these 2 little girls whom I got to know and fell in love with how sweet and adorable they are and since I baked for the older one for her birthday, I needed to bake one for the little girl as well. I did the unicorn cake for the older girl and so decided on a ‘my little pony’ cake for the little one. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be, but I think the effort put in deserved some pat on my back, hur hur, very self praising. I combined recipes, watched many videos and tada!

The various links are for the various elements.

  1. For the cake base.
  2. For the cream cheese frosting.
  3. For the meringues.
  4. For the white chocolate drip.
  5. For pinkie tie.

I split the work over 4 days, a day for the pinkie tie, another for the meringues and cream cheese frosting, another for the cake base and last one for the white chocolate drip and assembly.

The little girl asked, ‘Why the leg like that?’ hahaha, well, Pinkie Tie is doing yoga I guess. ;P