It’s the holidays! Having more time means I will have time to experiment with new things and so I looked through all the links I saved and decided to bake marshmallows, filo pastries and a easter bake. Have not decided on the easter bake, but it may be the easter sponge eggs or a full cake with easter eggs, I don’t know.

For now, I am dying to bake some fluffy marshmallow. Ok, I admit, I bought another candy thermometer and convinced myself that I needed another one because this one is a ruler thermometer which is long enough to sit on the pan. Then I also bought some freeze dried blueberry powder because I am convinced sprinkling the powder on the marshmallows will make them more tantalising. Oh.. Is it blueberry or blackberry? I remember standing in front of the many flavours of powder and wondering if blueberry or blackberry is more suitable. In the end, I really cannot remember which one I chose. Oh well….

And then I saw so many posts on the new mcdonald’s chocolate pie and I want to try it too, but am too lazy to head to the nearest outlet. So I am now toying with the idea of making my own chocolate pie with the leftover chocolate ganache and the puff pastry in the freezer. I shall get to baking soon!