White chocolates have very high fat contents and are slightly different from milk and dark chocolate. They split easily and their natural colour is yellowish rather than white, however, I chanced upon a video by Georgia’s Cakes and understood how to make them better. She used titanium dioxide powder, but I could not find, hence I used a white icing colour from Wilton, which worked for me. Here’s her recipe.


  • 90g white couverture chocolate
  • 60ml whipping cream
  • white icing colour (optional)


  1. Place the white chocolate in a metal mixing bowl.
  2. Heat the whipping cream till steaming hot, but not boiling.
  3. Pour the hot cream over the white chocolate, wait a few minutes before stirring through gently for the chocolate to melt fully.
  4. Add the white icing colour to make the chocolate white.
  5. Cool the chocolate slightly before dripping over cold cake.

I kept the remaining white chocolate in a jar in the fridge and heat the chocolate in the jar in a bowl of hot water when needed. You can use the chocolate to coat fruits or as a ganache for cookies or macarons.